Welcome to Eyewitness Burkittsville, a digital repository, launched in the Spring of 2014, to provide researchers and educators with access to some of the most significant and unique primary sources from the collections of South Mountain Heritage Society.

The original documents included in this database are digitized from the SMHS Collections. Please note that these materials are provided for research and that publication or reproduction of any images, documents, or other material from the site is strictly prohibited. Anyone seeking copies of materials from the database should visit the SMHS website and follow the standard protocol for setting up a site visit/research appointment.

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About Burkittsville, MD:

Burkittsville, Maryland, originally settled in the 1820s, was the site of a significant battle during the Civil War, was an industrial and commercial center in its region, and is today a remarkably well preserved rural village. A valuable historical record has been created as a result of this heritage. South Mountain Heritage Society’s mission is to preserve and interpret this record to provide everyone with a better understanding of this historic village and the region in which we are located.

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